From Amsterdam, born in Japan. Composer/Arranger, Guitarist and music producer. Discover daily news, performance information, press releases, and more.

Independent professional composer, arranger/guitarist from Amsterdam and the member of Sena and Arti et Amicitiae. She supports many singers, musicians and bands. She has started playing music since three in Western classic music with piano, and switched into playing guitar in Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, World music and any genres. She also performs with traditional Asian lute “Yueqin” from Japan. She is the director of Sakura Music & Art.

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Second shooting by Lulu Lightning

Today we filmed the second shooting with Lulu Lightning Artist, Violina Violinist and Guitarist Andries. This is the succession of shooting from the X project. Music and more information will come soon. The shooting took place in Naarden, Noord Holland. It is easily accessible by car from Amsterdam Central Station.

First Shooting for the X Project

Since the lockdown due to Covid-19, many artists and musicians lost their planned performance, gigs and concerts across the country. This is the very unusual situation throughout my career in the music business industry, and I felt the need to collaborate with other musicians to spread the positive message to the society we live in. […]




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