Dream Song Project 2020

dream song project

<X Project released !!> Finalllly, I’m happpy to announce y’all. ‘X’ Project, the Dream Song Project, has finallyy finished. It’s a very interesting project by Lulu lightning production and I’d been working since July. Recorded from home *remotely (we’ve done it!)

Dream Song music cooperation, started in crazy 2020 and finished in January 2021 ! (length: 5min37sec)

This music cooperation was created to show what a beautiful thing we can do when we united. We are one family of this planet Earth. No matter the color of your skin, nationalities, love choices or believes… WE ARE ALL STARS. SHARE THE LOVE with US

A tribute to all the artists, musicians and people who were hit by the crazy 2020. Video by http://www.lululightning.com

Main composers: Vincent MacDonald http://www.VincentMacDonald.com

Violinna Violinist http://www.violinnaviolinist.com

Rei Satoshi http://www.reisatoshi.com

INSTRUMENTS Guitar: Vincent MacDonald

El.guitar: Rei Satoshi

Violin: Violinna Violinist

Drums: Vinicius Militao

Bass guitar: Javier Garcia Vicente

Voices: Galitta Tassa (speaking in Hebrew), Vincent MacDonald, Lyna Kham, Annemarie Brijder, Violinna Violinist & Vincent MacDonald (speaking in latin)

Professional tenors: Del Vasilache (singing in lating) & Mauro Silva Barbosa

Special thanks to: dronemaster: Vlado Wagner sound mastering

Rayan Vroon recording studio Barracaosound & Alex Figueira

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