Dream Song Project 2020

dream song project

<X Project released !!> Finalllly, I’m happpy to announce y’all. ‘X’ Project, the Dream Song Project, has finallyy finished. It’s a very interesting project by Lulu lightning production and I’ve been working since July. Recorded from home *remotely (we’ve done it!)

Dream Song music corporation, started in crazy 2020 and finished in January 2021 ! (length: 5min37sec)

This music cooperation was created to show what a beautiful things we can do when we united . We are one family of this planet Earth. No matter the color of your skin, nationalities , love choices or believes… WE ARE ALL STARS . SHARE THE LOVE with US

A tribute to all the artists, musicians and people who hit by the crazy 2020, video by http://www.lululightning.com

Main composers: Vincent MacDonald http://www.VincentMacDonald.com

Violinna Violinist http://www.violinnaviolinist.com

Rei Satoshi http://www.reisatoshi.com

INSTRUMENTS Guitar: Vincent MacDonald

El.guitar: Rei Satoshi

Violin: Violinna Violinist

Drums: Vinicius Militao

Bass guitar: Javier Garcia Vicente

Voices: Galitta Tassa (speaking in Hebrew), Vincent MacDonald, Lyna Kham, Annemarie Brijder, Violinna Violinist & Vincent MacDonald (speaking in latin)

Professional tenors: Del Vasilache (singing in lating) & Mauro Silva Barbosa

Special thanks to: dronemaster: Vlado Wagner sound mastering

Rayan Vroon recording studio Barracaosound & Alex Figueira

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