greetings from REISAN

1st of November 2023 REISAN has established as Dutch company from Amsterdam by Rei Satoshi. The company works mainly for music production. publisher’s and webshop.

Music productions are mostly musical activities which Rei Satoshi concerned as producer, arranger, composer, guitarist and so on. And company dose management for her musical business activities. Publisher’s work is basically promoting and selling song. It is not only for Rei Satoshi and NO SMOKE but any other musical copyright. And also works for books or writing essay by Rei Satoshi on social media, etc. as well as selling for the paintings.

By starting REISAN, Sakura Music & Art has already closed. Sakura Music & Art focused on culture exchanging, teaching. But REISAN dose not focus on these. Sakura Music & Art was opened as company from Amsterdam by Japanese. Although named such as Japanese word. REISAN is opened as Dutch company from Amsterdam. REISAN means “mevrouw Rei”

Manny greetings !!

01-11-2023, Amsterdam, REI SATOSHI

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