No Smoke – no mirrors

No Smoke - no mirrors
No Smoke – no mirrors
Duration:50:03   Year:2022
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New released album “No Smoke – no mirrors”

  1. Here Comes The Summer
  2. Early In The Morning
  3. Sitting Pretty
  4. Minstel
  5. Me & All My Friends
  6. Let It Rain
  7. Like Lovers Should
  8. Don’t Tell Me
  9. Rock’n’Roll
  10. Love Dance

Kevin Chapman (Vocal. Guitar) Rei Satoshi (Guitar, Chorus, Keyboard) Franklin Madjid (Bass, Chorus) Johnny Contini (Drums, Chorus)

Recorded at Island Studio (Amsterdam) Remko Schouten (Recording and Mastering Engineer)

Produced by No Smoke, All songs by No Smoke, Cooperated by Sakura Music & Art

Jacket Design by Raymon Hollander

Special thanks ::: Tom Visscher, Lulu lightning, Marene Bakker, Tom Bakkers, Arthur Vermeij (IJland studio) Tim Visser (IJland studio), Midori Ueda (Sakura Music & Art) Ben King (Earth Works) , Eduard Ponder, Andries Zwart, Andre Finders, Efin Au

Released in 2022 (02.April.2022) , Copy right reserved

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