[Released CD] 

1987   Maym Maym (rock band) 

1988   Teke Teke Tenshi (rock band) 

1990   Ecology Tone (Asian music project) 

1994   THE SHABA (Asian music project, unreleased) 

1999   "KI" (1st solo album) 

2004   Beyond the Water (2nd solo Album) 

2007   Ran-Gaku (Dejima Ensemble) 

2009   Mizuno Mukouni (Rei Satoshi Band) 

2012   MTV "Sea Swallow" 

2020   NO SMOKE (release soon) 


[Principal activity] 

1994   Aoniyoshi (Unesco event in Japan) 

2002   Embassy of Japan in Paris (concert) 

2002   Air France (concert) 

2003   Fnac in Paris (concert) 

2003   Rande-Vous TOYOTA in Champs-elysee in Paris (concert) 

2005   Atlanta Dogwood Festival 

2011   Sakura Music & Art (music production) 

2015   Noordeslag/Altersonic festival 

2016 - 2019   Songhouse Productions (music production)

2017   NO SMOKE AMSTERDAM (Rock'nRoll Blues Band)  



1991-1996   Pan School of Music 

1995-1997   Nippon Kogakuin Techincal College 

2007-2020   Sakura Music & Art 



2014   1st exposition at “Eind van de Wereld” in Amsterdam 

2015   Weekeind Java in Amsterdam


She's Composer/Arranger/Guitarist from Japan. Full member of "Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers" (JASRAC). 

In fact, she's multi player. She plays Asian lute “Yueqin” as well. Up to now she released 8 CDs (2 rock band, 3 solo, 3 East Asian music projects). She participated in many music products and in the industry (CD, video, animation, film, commercial music, event, festival). Her career has started as rock guitarist. She also taught students from music schools. 

Since 2000 she moved to Paris and started her unique activity through Europe, United States, Asia and many other countries. She creates her music by fusion of "Oriental and Western" and "Modern/Rock and Traditional" music. She moved to Amsterdam in 2005, and established her own production company “SAKURA MUSIC & ART” culture center in 2011. 

During the autumn of 2013 she suddenly started painting by pointillism (a painting style of using dots so that colors will optically blend into different colors). Nowadays she try to combine music and painting or any other art. And 2016 she started Songhouse Productions in Amsterdam with English composer Luke Nyman. For this company she works as music producer/composer/musician. 

Sakura Music & Art website : http://www.sakuramusic.info