Up to 2022, Rei released 10 CDs (3 Rock Band, 3 Solo, 4 East Asian music projects). She participated in many music projects and production works (CD, video, animation, film, commercial music, event, festival). Her career has started as a rock guitarist. She also taught students from music schools. She moved to Amsterdam in 2005, and established her own production company SAKURA MUSIC & ART in 2011. 


1987   Maym Maym (rock band) 

1988   Teke Teke Tenshi (rock band) 

1990   Ecology Tone (Asian music project) 

1994   THE SHABA (Asian music project) 

1999   “KI” (1st solo album) 

2004   Beyond the Water (2nd solo Album) 

2007   Ran-Gaku (Dejima Ensemble) 

2009   Mizuno Mukouni (Rei Satoshi Band) 

2012   MTV “Sea Swallow” 

2022   No Smoke – no mirrors (NO SMOKE)  

Rei Promotion Video